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Win a Pair of Ugg BootsThere has been a trend in the shoe industry that caused a widespread sensation among shoe addicts and regular consumers. Everywhere you look you can see almost everybody wearing a pair of Ugg boots. More and more celebrities have succumbed to the Ugg boot trend and all of their fans have started following them, which makes wearing a pair of Ugg boots the latest craze that everybody has been getting into.

Ugg boots, which are often referred to as uggs, are boots that are made of sheepskin with wool lining the inside of the boots to make them among the most comfortable footwear available on the market today. Both men and women can wear these boots, although most of the people who prefer to wear them are women. These boots come in all kinds of colors and sizes and there are several styles to suit both men and women. There is a wide assortment of designs from lace-ups to slip-ons.

The Ugg boots are specifically designed to provide comfort to anyone who wears them. The sheepskin in the boots supply natural heat to warm the feet and there are thermostatic properties in the boots like thick wool lining and fleece that enable the circulation of air that help maintain the body temperature. This keeps the feet warm even during the coldest months. These boots can also be worn with or without socks, depending on the preference of the people wearing them.

In Australia and New Zealand, the trend of wearing Ugg boots started when surfers began wearing them to keep their feet warm after being in the water for too long. The trend escalated, when celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson have been spotted wearing them.

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