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Win an iPad

As we all know, the Apple iPad has been released recently – be among the first to have one – win an iPad now. There are certain features that we think are going to be a big hit and there are others that we believe people will have a problem with. We will go over what we think will be the three best features that are being released on the device. These features, we believe, will cause the IPad to be a top seller. Something has to make people feel as if they can not live without the device.

The one thing that should put the public in a good mood is the price tag. Most people were expecting the price to be in the upper hundreds and maybe even a thousand dollars. But it seems that Apple wants everyone to get one of these devices in their hand, so they have released it for the initial price of $499. This is a very low price for an Apple product and one that is very surprising. With a price point such as this, you know that more people will want to have one in their homes. At $499, you are still within the realm of people that are comfortable with buying a computer for the household, without fearing that it is too expensive to break. Or event better … enter this competition to win an iPad for free.

After the price, the next best thing about the new iPad is the fact that it is able to use applications that were built for the iPhone before it. When the app store was released for the iPhone, people went crazy for it. They downloaded a lot of applications and it became a developers paradise. You could easily distribute an application to a platform with millions of people. And it would only cost a $100 a year. That is a more than fair price for an up and coming developer. Some of the mobile phones that are out there charge a huge price so that you can release your applications on their platform. Now with that same $100, you can not only release an application for the ever popular iPhone, but also for a whole new, sure to be popular platform as well. A developer could not hear better news. Also the consumers will get a huge library, already for them to devour new applications.

The last feature that will put the iPad over the top is the fact that it has the same UI as the iPhone does. Most people who will be buying the product are already consumers of the Apple iPhone. Now they can have that same experience but on a bigger device. This is sure to make some people happy.

These are three features that we are sure to make the iPad a success. Be ready to see a lot of these in the streets for the next couple of years, so enter this competition for your chance to win an iPad. Act now, before it’s too late.