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Win a Nintendo Wii Fit

Who here would like to be slimmer?

Who here would like to be fitter?

Who here would like to be more toned?

Well guess what – we can help you achieve those targets. Or more accurately, Wii can help can help you achieve those targets, by using the Nintendo Wii Fit.

The Wii fit is an innovative balance board and game that provides you with exercises, motivation, goals and targets – all from the comfort of your own front room. In short it makes losing weight fun.

The Wii has long been considered ‘the active console’ thanks to its movement sensing technology. The Wii Fit takes this to a whole new level by using this technology to help you lose weight.

So to help you shift the pounds, tighten the belly and tone up your bum we are giving you the chance to win a Wii Fit. Simply follow the link, enter your details and wait to see if you’ve one the game that will lose you weight.