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Win a Vespa MopedMany urban commuters now prefer scooters over automobiles and other motor vehicles due to traffic congestion during rush hours. Scooters are easier to navigate in traffic and even in small roads. With limited parking spaces, scooters are also more convenient to park around. They are also cheaper and easy to maintain. Another advantage of scooters is that they are more fuel efficient as compared to large vehicles. The cultural value of scooters as a recreation also makes them a popular motor vehicle. One particular brand of scooters that many customers recommend is the Vespa.

Many people have always wanted to own a Vespa moped or scooter. Why? This is because the Vespa scooter is one of the most popular brands of the modern era. With its elegant design and classic look, the Vespa scooter has become a design icon. The brand is even considered as the embodiment of Italian design. Vespa scooters have always been popular for their attractive structural features which include a painted and pressed steel body, a flat floorboard, and a front fairing. The flat floorboard offers significant protection for the foot, while the front fairing offers protection from the wind. Win a Vespa now!

In totality, there were 138 versions of the Vespa since the original version was introduced in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. SpA. As of today, there are five models of the Vespa. These models are the manual transmission PX, classic, and the CVT transmissions LX, S, GTS and GT. According to Wikipedia, the brand was the first successful scooter globally. The brand is not only popular in Europe, but also known in the rest of the world such as in North America and Asia.

Because of its natural elegance and beauty, customers should consider buying a Vespa moped. Or click this link to possibly win the classic scooter – win a Vespa moped.