All The Best Free Online Competitions In The UK

Get a Free Tesco VoucherWho would like to win £3000’s worth of Tesco vouchers? Pretty much everyone I would imagine. Because lets face it, Tesco stocks pretty much anything and everything you could imagine.

That means that winning Tesco vouchers would mean winning a new TV if you wanted, or a new computer, or a month or so’s free food – hell it could just mean winning a massive party if you wanted it to.

With Tesco having anything from alcohol to MP3 players, £3000 can go a long way to buying you what you want. So the question shouldn’t be if you want your free Tesco vouchers, but what it is you want to be spending them on if you win.

Feel free to buy me a new computer if you can’t make your mind up 😉

Click here to enter the free competition to win Tesco vouchers

Days out to theme parks have to be some of the best free prizes in the world.  Who doesn’t love the rollar coasters, ghost trains, teacups, log flumes… not to mention the interesting characters and crazy games that you tend to find there.

The free prizes are even better when the trip is to Alton Towers, easily the best theme park in the UK.  It has everything that you want from a theme park and much, much more – anything from pretty gardens to potter about in to some of the biggest and best roller coasters in the world just waiting to scare the pants of you and get your adrenaline pumping.

Which is why it is so good that we have managed to find a free competition to win a trip to Alton Towers – perfect for those with to without a family.

This free competition will see you winning a fun filled day to Britains biggest theme park, at absolutely no cost to you.  So follow this link and enter for your chance to win a free day out in Alton Towers

Win an iPhone

The iPhone is without a doubt the hottest mobile phone on the market at the moment, and very possibly the hottest gadget on the market – so no competition site would be complete without giving you the chance to win an iPhone.

Which is why we have found the competition that gives you the best possible chance of being able to win an iPhone – you can’t say fairer than that!

With up to date technology, created by Apple – the biggest experts in the field, the iPhone is the most versatile of gadgets.  It can allow applications to be put on it to give you anything from working out foreign currency translations to finding your way home from the pub.

Which is what makes this chance to win an iPhone so exciting.

No longer are you reliant on numerous gadgets to do everything for you, you can have them placed all in one piece of hardware – that you can win.

So enter this competition for your chance to win an iPhone.  Do it, before it’s too late.

If you are living outside UK, check these Free iPhone offers