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Remember back in the day, when frugal people used to leaf around all their magazines frantically, looking for discount coupons they could redeem in the next trip to the supermarket? If you cannot help but feel nostalgic over those days and the savings that were available to those who bothered collecting those discounts, you will love to hear about Groupon.

Actually, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about Groupon, or at least caught a glimpse of their abundant on-line ads. Simply put, because it’s “just” the fastest growing on-line business this side of Facebook and Twitter. This overnight success story was conceived by a young man called Andrew Mason, who came up with a unique spin to the tried-and –true concept of shopping with discount coupons… the result was nothing short of outstanding.

At this point you may be thinking “what’s so special about this Groupon website, anyway”? After all, there’s no shortage of websites focusing on discount coupons and similar promotions. Well, what makes Groupon a whole new kind of ball game is how they focus mostly on bridging the gap between local businesses and the whole wide Internet.

Once you register of free account, they won’t flood your inbox with measly discounts valid for random e-commerce websites that you’re probably not interested in – much the way around. You will get unique deals which are unavailable anywhere else, focusing specifically on brick and mortar businesses in your area of residence. In short, you will be constantly supplied with major discounts for local restaurants, clubs, museums, boutiques… and just about all kinds of local shops you might imagine.

There’s just one small catch about the Groupon promotions, though. Actually, this is also the unique spin that makes this business work for everyone involved: from the local retailers to the end customer, and of course… Groupon itself. Even though the discounts available through this website are usually *quite* generous, the deal only stands if a preset number of people take them in the same day it’s released. This peculiarity is just what makes Groupon amazingly exciting and immersive.

All the deals they ever recommend to you will be live and urgent, and you’ll either make or break the opportunity depending on your reaction within the next few hours of receiving each message. If you like the thought of purchasing local concert tickets at half the price, or getting access to premium services you wouldn’t normally afford, you really should register your free account and stay tuned to your inbox for the newest opportunities available.

It’s kind of like treasure-hunt-meets-shopping-spree, and it’s all around fun and useful! Visit Groupon!

What are some of the things you’d like to buy more of? Clothes? Items to make your home look better? Fancy electronic gadgets that you can spend hours playing with? Whatever it is, you have the chance to win 500 GBP to spend on one of the above at Next with our new competition.

Next has over 400 stores spread across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, with clothes designed by some of fashion’s top names (including Alessandra Ambrosio). Whether you’re looking for clothes for yourself, your spouse or your children, Next has it all.

They also stock bold and bright accessories to give your home its finishing touch – items that will make you say “WOW” every time you walk into your house. Last but not least, for the electronic enthusiast in all of us, have a wide range of TVs and equipment that you can purchase. Want to watch the FIFA World Cup this summer on a brand new huge TV for your living room? Our competition gives you the chance to win.

Our competition is easy to enter and if you win you’ll receive a GBP 500 voucher which you can spend at Next. Click the link and win today!

No matter who you are, you probably have some desire to make sure you look the best you can. I know I do! Lancome is a high-end beauty brand which is over 75 years old and has been owned by L’Oreal since 1964. It is represented and endorsed by some of the world’s most famous actresses, supermodels and musicians.

Using Lancome’s Cosmetics regularly may be out of the price range for most of us. Our competition gives you the chance to win a six-month supply of Lancome’s Cosmetics! It is easy to enter and anyone can win.

If you’re a woman, you’d kill for some of the products you’ll get access to, including some of the world’s best skin care products, fragrances and makeup. If you’re a man, they have items for you too – and even if you aren’t interested in these types of things it would make a great present for a girlfriend, wife or sister – they’ll be eternally grateful to you. A full year’s supply of products to pamper themselves with – who wouldn’t want that?

Our competition makes it possible and you could be our lucky winner! Enter today to win a six-month supply of Lancome Cosmetics by clicking the button below and entering your details.

Scotland is a wonderful country… a place known for its cool climate, friendly people and beautiful landscape. In fact, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. If you’re interested in visiting Scotland to play some holes of golf, enter our competition for the chance to win a golf weekend in Scotland!

Golfing is a great way to relax and what better place to do it in than in Scotland. You’ll have the chance to go to a top golf resort and hone your skills, meaning a weekend trip that you’ll remember for life. Even if you’re not good at golf or have never played before, this is a great chance to get to play the game at a high quality golf course and visit a country that you’ll definitely want to visit again.

Although a golf weekend in Scotland would normally cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds, our competition gives you the chance to win a golf weekend in Scotland just for entering.

Will you be the lucky one that wins the experience of a lifetime? Enter our competition today and you’ll find out!

Win a pink iPhoneThere have been a wide assortment of girls smartphones that were released on the market and it is quite difficult to choose which one is the best for you to get. It is hard to find a sensible phone that is incredibly efficient, has all the right features that could help you with your everyday life and looks great.

This is where the iPhone comes in and now you can even win a Pink iPhone for free. The iPhone is a state of the art slate smartphone that has been produced and manufactured by Apple Inc. It is a compact phone that is packed with all of the essential phone features such as text messaging, call options, and visual voicemail. But similar to all of Apple Inc.’s products, there are some additional features that you would never find in a traditional phone. It is a revolutionary phone that is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity and web browsing, in addition to being able to play all forms of digital entertainment in one little neat package. It supports HTML email and other file formats such as PDF and Microsoft Office. It is a camera phone that has a high resolution and has 3G data speeds, supported GPS, voice control, and video capability. It also has a multi-touch screen that makes use of a virtual keyboard instead of a regular physical keyboard. And all that in pink.

The iPhone has a battery life that lasts up to 200 hours when on standby mode. Similar to most Apple products such as the iPod, the iPhone can also be charged by connecting the USB connector cable of the phone to a computer. The iPhone is managed by iTunes and it has a couple of options for internal storage such as 4GB and 8GB.

Don’t wait and enter this competition to Win a Pink iPhone now!

If you are living outside UK, check these Free Pink iPhone offers

If you are in US, please click here for a Free Apple iPad (US only). UK users can click on the banner to get to the UK only iPad offer.

Win an iPad

As we all know, the Apple iPad has been released recently – be among the first to have one – win an iPad now. There are certain features that we think are going to be a big hit and there are others that we believe people will have a problem with. We will go over what we think will be the three best features that are being released on the device. These features, we believe, will cause the IPad to be a top seller. Something has to make people feel as if they can not live without the device.

The one thing that should put the public in a good mood is the price tag. Most people were expecting the price to be in the upper hundreds and maybe even a thousand dollars. But it seems that Apple wants everyone to get one of these devices in their hand, so they have released it for the initial price of $499. This is a very low price for an Apple product and one that is very surprising. With a price point such as this, you know that more people will want to have one in their homes. At $499, you are still within the realm of people that are comfortable with buying a computer for the household, without fearing that it is too expensive to break. Or event better … enter this competition to win an iPad for free.

After the price, the next best thing about the new iPad is the fact that it is able to use applications that were built for the iPhone before it. When the app store was released for the iPhone, people went crazy for it. They downloaded a lot of applications and it became a developers paradise. You could easily distribute an application to a platform with millions of people. And it would only cost a $100 a year. That is a more than fair price for an up and coming developer. Some of the mobile phones that are out there charge a huge price so that you can release your applications on their platform. Now with that same $100, you can not only release an application for the ever popular iPhone, but also for a whole new, sure to be popular platform as well. A developer could not hear better news. Also the consumers will get a huge library, already for them to devour new applications.

The last feature that will put the iPad over the top is the fact that it has the same UI as the iPhone does. Most people who will be buying the product are already consumers of the Apple iPhone. Now they can have that same experience but on a bigger device. This is sure to make some people happy.

These are three features that we are sure to make the iPad a success. Be ready to see a lot of these in the streets for the next couple of years, so enter this competition for your chance to win an iPad. Act now, before it’s too late.

Sick of paying your bills? Here is your chance to have your bills paid for a year.

Are you stumped as to what to get your loved one for her birthday? What about for the holidays? Are you tired of getting her the usual sweater or box of chocolates? Well, if you have no idea what to buy as a gift then here’s a helpful idea: get her an iTunes voucher.

An iTunes voucher enables a person to download as many different songs, ebooks and audiobooks, computer games, movies, and television show episodes off the iTunes store for free. It gives the person total control over what to get and download from the iTunes store without the hassle of spending a lot of money. After you have finished downloading a multitude of free digital entertainment, you can then play them anytime and anywhere, may it be on a computer or through a mobile phone or iPod. The possibilities are endless with the iTunes gift cards. These iTunes vouchers are specifically designed to allow the person free access to the largest digital store in the world, which is iTunes.

Aside from all of these advantages to acquiring an iTunes voucher, you also get to help in the global campaign to stop the widespread problem of illegal downloads and piracy through legal downloading of songs, albums, books, movies, television shows, and computer games from the iTunes digital store. Keep in mind that you can get all of these for free with an iTunes voucher.

What better way to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or the holidays than by giving the gift of music, or other forms of digital entertainment for that matter? These iTunes vouchers when given as gifts can provide genuine happiness for the ones who will be receiving them.

So hurry up, click and win 250 GBP worth of iTunes vouchers now!

Everybody deserves a break from the cold harsh realities of the real world. The stress that one gets from dealing with all of the demands of daily life can be quite strenuous and taxing, making it difficult for a person to resume his or her daily routine.

This is where health spas come in. Behind the glass doors of a health spa is a heavenly sanctuary that is enveloped by serenity and sheer bliss to provide you with a haven to escape the real world for a while and bask in the glorious essence of peace and tranquility.

A health spa offers a wide array of relaxing treatments that could provide benefits for one’s mind, body, and soul. Health spas provide a multitude of services including a wide array of treatments that are specifically designed to relax and rejuvenate the body, as well as improve one’s body condition. There are detoxifying treatments to get rid of the toxins in the body in addition to helping alleviate everyday aches and pains in every area of the body. Other health treatments included in the spa’s services aid in the body’s restoration of its balance and equilibrium and recharge its batteries for an improved well being. There are special baths that elevate one’s mood and help you release all of the tension and simply relax and indulge.

Take a well-deserved break with someone at one of these health spas and indulge yourselves in the pleasures of life and leave all of the pressures of the real world behind for a while. Enjoy a couple of days of luxurious treatments and simply relax and take time to rejuvenate your body and feel a sense of calm.

Here is your chance to win a weekend for two at a health spa. Hurry!

Win a 150 GBP Voucher for HMVAre you one of those people who find themselves confused as to what to get their loved ones as gifts for the holidays? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have completely forgotten that your mother’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give her for a present? Or are you one of those people who are tired of giving the same old stuff to the people that you care about? Well, here is an interesting and helpful idea for you: purchase some gift vouchers, specifically from HMV, then give them to your girlfriend or your mother or to your friends, and make them incredibly happy. These vouchers for HMV are their free passes that provide them with access to every item in the store that they desire. It will be like shopping for free and that makes everyone really happy.

The best thing about giving these vouchers for HMV as gifts is that you don’t have to rummage around your brain for ideas as to what to give your loved ones for presents. All you have to do is purchase the HMV vouchers and let them do the shopping. It’s the perfect solution and it will make everybody happy.

HMV has everything you could ever possibly want and more. You can let your loved ones choose among the wide array of records and albums or their endless collection of movies and television shows on DVD or countless books from renowned authors. The beauty of these HMV vouchers is that you don’t have to go through all of the trouble of choosing a gift for the people you care about because they can do the choosing for you.

Simply click and win a 100 GBP voucher for HMV now!